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National Catastrophe Services

  • Adequately identifying reserves
  • Diary Management
  • Thorough Investigation
  • Proper use and management of experts
  • Effective adjustment and claims management
  • Salvage
  • Business interruption
  • Time management


Bishop & Associates has implemented a Claims Specific Coverage Unit (CSCU) whereby certain portions of the catastrophe claim may be assigned to team members specializing in business interruption, business personal property, personal property, loss of use, additional living expenses, and salvage. This will allow the field adjuster to concentrate on the building portion of the loss; keeping all phases of the claim moving forward simultaneously. We understand how the adjustment process can impact the business interruption and loss of use value of the claim. The assignment will be billed at the agreed fee schedule in place at the time of assignment. However, upon prior approval, complex business interruption losses, losses involving public adjusters and or attorneys, may be billed at time and expense.

We will work from our client’s named storm fee schedule if one is in place and provided. However, at our client’s request, we will submit our fee schedule for review and approval.

Bishop Claims dedicated catastrophe teams operate nationwide without any interruption of our daily claims operations.


Bishop & Associates Rapid Deployment Team (RDT) is a group of our dedicated catastrophe adjusters that can deploy immediately and be in any affected area within 48 hours or less. Our RDT spearheads the catastrophe event in advance of our catastrophe adjusters not only to begin to handle claims but assist in coordination and placement of our catastrophe teams and supervisors that follow soon after. This method of deployment prevents having adjusters traveling aimlessly in the direction of catastrophe events without proper logistics in place resulting in wasted time and expense.

Our goal in any catastrophe event is to be not only rapid, but productive and efficient.